Compile & Run Program in iOS/iPadOS

  • New

    We're excited to introduce the Deno runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript, this feature addresses one of the most sought-after enhancements: support for npm packages.

    With this update, you have the power to seamlessly import and execute any npm package in your code snippets. Deno's unique npm import syntax simplifies the process, making it incredibly user-friendly. For instance, you can now easily incorporate packages by using statements like import lodash from 'npm:lodash'.

    This enhancement significantly expands your coding capabilities, allowing for greater flexibility and productivity in your code snippets.

  • New

    We're thrilled to announce our latest app update, which is nothing short of a revolution. With this release, we've taken a bold step forward:

    • We've waved goodbye to React Native and completely re-imagined our app from the ground up in Swift! Everything you interact with has been meticulously crafted to provide a seamless and native experience that's faster, smoother, and more intuitive than ever before.

    • Under the hood, we have supercharged our code runner containers. They are now powered by the efficiency of Rust, ensuring your code runs with the utmost performance and reliability.

    This isn't just an update; it's a total transformation that reaffirms our commitment to providing you with the best possible tools to make your coding experience a breeze.

  • Improvement

    Export file feature

    We've made it easier to export file directly using the file browser, previously this was a two step process using share sheet. You still have the ability to share a file online using our hosted page and link.

  • Announcement
    • Remove credits purchase flow, the app is free to use once you've downloaded it. As always the usage is subject to our terms and conditions.
    • Add ability to delete account, this lets you delete your account and synced files.
  • Announcement
    • New and improved UI: Navigation, editor, home screen & sidebar has a new look
    • A brand new editor with support for keyboard, trackpad, iOS gestures and native clipboard controls
    • Improvements to accessibility
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that caused the editor to crash
    • Minor user interface changes
  • Improvement
    • We value your privacy, hence we've removed user activity tracking (no more Google analytics), only thing close to tracking we've is anonymous crash reports using Firebase Crashlytics.
    • General bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • New
    • Introducing the support for creating accounts using just email and password, you're no longer required to manage your account using social login.
    • Updated UI for welcome page
    • And as always, bug fixes and general improvements.
  • New
    • You can now share your files publicly using a shareable link. We’ve introduced a new share option that you can access by tapping on the globe icon if you're on an iPad or by tapping on the options menu icon (3 dots) if you're on a smaller device.
    • You’ll get a unique link for your file and you can share it with anyone.
    • We've also added an indicator (globe icon) next to the file name in the sidebar that'll let you know that the file is public.
    • And as always, bug fixes and improvements.

    Here is how your file will look when you open the link:

  • New
    • We’ve added four new themes!
    • Added support for multiple runtime versions.
    • UI optimisations for iPhone and iPad mini